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An archive of blog articles on learning management systems (LMS) from leading learning analysts and learning management system vendors.


How do I playback a Free LMS Training Webinar I was enrolled in?

Did you miss the Free LMS Training Webinar you signed up for?  Do you want to review something that was discussed?  Did you have trouble getting into the session?  Never fear – we record these sessions and you can play them at your convenience directly from your LMS portal for 90 days.


From your home page, click on the History tab, and then click on ALL in the Display section.



This will display all the courses on which you've taken any action (enrolled, launched, etc.).  Click on the Course Title of the webinar you want to view.


Once on the Offering Detail page for the webinar, you should see the button.  Clicking on that will start the playback of the recording.



*Note:  You may get a window similar to the one below in which you'll need to click on RUN.


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